Reservations have a 3 hour maximum time limit. No exceptions will be


● We must have an accurate headcount prior to arrival, this is for capacity

purposes. Guests cannot be added onto the party once the time of your

reservation has arrived.

● Priority on the karaoke list

● A credit card is required to place a non-refundable deposit prior to arrival.

● Cost is $100/hr for all parties this includes cover charges for your

guests, a secured table at the time of reservation as well your choice of a beer

bucket, bottle of wine or bubbly.

● If your party is running late please contact us to let us know. We will allow a 15

minute grace period, which will be included in your 3 hour maximum.

● You will receive 15% off your tab

● Velvet lounge doesn’t offer many food options however, we do allow deliveries to

be made to the venue.

● All guests must be 21 or over with valid identification

● No outside beverages allowed into the venue.

Please allow 48 hrs for response